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Quality and Flavor!

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Our Standard

Unique standards when it comes to quality. We have storage, drying and packaging methods in accordance with regulations, technology and sustainability.


Why Arrozeira Adib Peixoto?



Each grain reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence, offering consumers pure, flavorful and impurity-free rice.


Our brand is recognized as a reference, standing out for the unparalleled quality of rice, technological innovation and commitment to sustainability.



Our operational efficiency and well-structured logistics network guarantee agile and reliable distribution, whether for the domestic market or for export.



Our constant search for sustainability reflects our commitment to preserving the environment and contributing to local communities.

Our Product

Our main product, theWhite rice In its production process, high-quality raw materials are used, which are segregated from the beginning to guarantee the rice the result expected by the customer. And the company is one of the few industries that can benefit from its product without varietal mixtures, according to the target market. For parboiled rice, we have partnerships with industry suppliers certified by ABIAP (Brazilian Association of Parboiled Rice Industries) that guarantee a highly gelatinized product meeting the levels of the best parboiled rice in the world.

Our Industry

Arrozeira Adib Peixoto is a reference in the sector, standing out for its excellence and innovation in advanced technology for rice processing. Our company is committed to providing efficient and sustainable solutions, guaranteeing the quality and purity of the rice that reaches consumers' tables. Our production process incorporates the latest technological innovations, from rigorous seed selection to final packaging. We use state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring efficiency and precision at all stages of the process.

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