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Who we are

ARICE FARM ADIB PEIXOTO began operations on 06/08/2000, bringing quality, reliability and tradition to the art of rice production. Using the most modern technology in manufacturing processes, and following the safety standards required for food production, the company produces Type 1 White rice, Type 2 80/20 rice and offers the highest quality parboiled rice on the Brazilian market. and exports to several countries.


Our mission

Arrozeira Adib Peixoto's mission is to bring maximum quality to consumers, committing to excellence at each stage of the rice production process. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and the use of advanced technology reflect our commitment to offering a final product that meets and exceeds our customers' expectations.

Main values


We constantly look for ways to improve our rice production process, incorporating the latest technologies to ensure unparalleled efficiency and quality.


Our transparency reinforces trust in our brand,

ensuring that our customers know exactly what they are choosing when opting for our products.


From the conservation of water resources to the conscious management of waste, we seek to minimize our environmental impact.

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